CB photo competition: The community wants typical German photos


The monthly photo competition of the ComputerBase community is entering the next round. In December 2022, recordings on the subject of “Typically German” are being sought; As usual, images can be submitted up to the 20th day of the month.

December will be typically German

Last November, community member kaxi-85 garnered 21.5 percent of the votes, taking first place out of a total of 15 submissions. The winning photo shows a cat snuggling comfortably on a couch and adorns the teaser photo of this report. As usual, kaxi-85 now has the right to set the thematic framework for the following month – and the decision fell on the topic “Typical German”.

Whether shorts and white tennis socks in Birkenstock, the shopping trolley full of toilet paper, the garden gnome in the front yard, the shapely Mettigel or the obligatory note war in the apartment building à la “Please don't put half-full yoghurt cups in the plastic waste” – there are so many things that the “Typical German” cliché and we encounter it again and again in everyday life. These are often bizarre and also funny things – which are welcome to be photographed this month.

One ​​comment: Of course I am aware that there are also many valuable things in our culture There are things and “typically German” does not have to be “negative” – ​​so I ask you to look at the topic with a wink. I look forward to your contributions.


Accordingly, all interested community members are requested to send a recording on the topic to the initiator tHe_nICKEL by e-mail along with their own user name in the ComputerBase forum by 11:59 p.m. on December 20, 2022. This time there are no particular restrictions regarding camera model or post-processing – this means that collages with up to four images are theoretically allowed.

Participation Conditions and Vote


Each registered community member is allowed to take part with a specially taken picture of any age, which, however, has not yet been submitted to a previous photo competition or published in any other way in the ComputerBase forum. Recordings with the same motif of an already published picture from a slightly different perspective are also undesirable. As usual, drawings, painted pictures or renderings are not permitted.

On December 21st, an initially anonymous vote will start among all community members for all, but no more than the first 40 submitted images – the forum software does not allow more elements in a survey. In order to protect the anonymity of the participants, the photos will be reduced to a maximum of 2,560 pixels in height and width and the EXIF ​​data will be removed if necessary. The winner, who will be determined by December 30th at the latest, can once again decide on the monthly theme for the next round.