What you need to know about wallboxes: technique and bureaucracy, let's talk to the experts


One of the technical advantages of electric cars is; the possibility; to be able to be recharged directly at home. It can in theory, even a normal socket to connect the car to will suffice. However, as we know, it is; it is advisable to have a wallbox which allows you to simplify and make it easier for you. safe home power supply for your electric vehicle.

For those approaching the world of electric cars and wanting to set up a recharging point at home, a world opens up made up of multiple models which, in addition to simple recharging (even with different power levels), can offer advanced functions such as remote management or #39;integration with the photovoltaic system of the house. We must also not forget the importance of any adaptation of the electrical system, the possibility of possibly having to change the maximum power of the meter and much more.

If then you live in a condominium, can it may be necessary to go through some technical and bureaucratic steps before installing your wallbox. In short, to set up a charging point at home, in addition to getting good information, it is also necessary to set up a charging point at home. It is necessary to know some important things well.

For this reason, HDMotori will keep the on December 6th, a Live with Silla, a company that develops and markets products for the mobility of the public. electric like the Prism wallbox, just to talk about all the good practices to follow to install a wallbox at home. We will talk about both the technical and bureaucratic aspects.


However, we also want to involve our community in this discussion. So, if you have any questions on this topic, regardless of the brand you want to install and the solution you choose, write them in the comments. During the Live with Silla which will be attended by the founders of the company, Cristiano Griletti and Alberto Stecca, we will try to give as much information as possible. possible answers to your questions.

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