Vodafone OneNumber: Multi-SIM option grows to ten devices


The term OneNumber stands for Vodafone's multi-SIM option, with which up to three devices could previously use the same phone number and share the data volume. The service is now being revised and can now supply up to ten end devices. In addition, calls can be transferred from one device to another.

With OneNumber, Vodafone can use tablets, smartwatches, notebooks, cars, smart speakers and other end devices with a mobile connection via the same contract number with which the primary device is used. It is therefore a classic multi-SIM option, in which the included data volume is shared among the devices. The other devices can also be used with this phone number if you don't have your smartphone with you. So far, the phone number could be used on up to three devices.

OneNumber for up to ten devices

Today, the OneNumber for private and business customers is being expanded to a total of up to ten devices. Vodafone justifies the step with more and more devices that customers want to use to make phone calls or use the mobile Internet at the same time. The OneNumber is offered as a physical SIM card, as an eSIM or without a SIM at all, for example to use functions such as “Calling with Alexa” on Echo speakers with your own phone number.

Transfer calls to other devices

Functionally, the transfer of a call from one device to another is added to the OneNumber. As an example, Vodafone gives the transfer of a call from the smartwatch to the smartphone, which can be implemented by dialing the code *53 on the phone. In order to keep track of up to ten devices, individual device names can be entered in the MeinVodafone app for the first time for the main card and each additional card. In addition, all SIM cards are assigned to a contract and thus shown on an invoice.

5 to 10 euros for each additional device

When it comes to costs, everything stays the same: Each additional SIM card within OneNumber costs 5 euros per month, with tariffs with unlimited data volume even costing an additional 10 euros. There is also a connection fee of EUR 39.99 for each booking. The tariffs Smart Tech OneNumber, GigaMobil L/XL, GigaMobil Young L+/XL, Smart XL/XXL (from 11.08.22), Red L/XL (from 03.11.20) and Young L+/XL (from 08.02. 21), in which an additional OneNumber is already included free of charge. The prerequisite for using OneNumber is a Black, Red, Smart, Young or GigaMobil tariff.

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