“Racist scandal” in the British royal house


Published 1 December 2022 at 10.11

Foreign. The British court is shaken by a racist scandal, reports Svenska Dagbladet. It is Prince William's godmother Lady Susan Hussey 83, who is being forced out after accusing an African of coming from Africa.

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Black left-wing activist Ngozi Fulani took to Twitter to accuse Lady Susan Hussey of being racist during an event at Buckingham Palace.

The racism consisted of Fulani being asked about her name tag and then was asked what part of Africa she came from.

When the Fulani drew immigrants­the phrase “I was born here”, however, Prince William's godmother stood her ground and asked where she “really” came from.

A spokesperson for Prince William now says that the “individual” accused of racism has left his duties with immediate effect.

– Racism does not belong in our country, said the spokesperson according to British media .