Lightyear 0, the production of the electric car that recharges with the Sun begins


The production of the Lightyear 0 was completed by the company. started at the Valmet Automotive plant in Finland. We're talking about an electric car that we got to see up close in Spain when it was still a prototype and which is characterized by the possibility of its to be also recharged with the sun's energy thanks to the presence of 5 square meters of solar panels on the roof and on the bonnet.

The company says that after 6 years of development has made it possible. finally arrived at the time of the start of production. An important step for this reality is the Dutch which is was founded by some students who were part of the Solar Team Eindhoven teamwhich has won several editions of the World Solar Challenge.

This model, as we know, will be; produced in 946 specimensat a starting price of 250 thousand euros (excluding taxes). An important cost but the company, during the event in Spain in which we briefly tested the prototype of the car, had highlighted that the Lightyear 0 must be seen as a "manifesto" of the technology they have managed to develop. The company plans to produce one car a week and gradually scale up its construction in the first quarter of 2023.


Lightyear 0 has a powertrain composed of 4 electric motors. The total power reaches 130 kW. It's not a particularly high power, but the goal wasn't performance but efficiency. The powertrain is; powered by a 60 kWh battery (NMC). Thanks to a Cx of just 0.175 and to the efficiency of the powertrain, the car can be used on many occasions. have an autonomy, according to the WLTP cycle, of 625 km.

Speaking of the solar technology that Lightyear has developed, the 5 square meters of solar panels can generate a maximum power of 1.05 kW in optimal conditions such as those in Spain. This means that it will be possible. It is possible, always in optimal conditions, to be able to have an additional 70 km of travel per day thanks to the energy of the Sun. According to Lightyear, it would be possible to have an average of up to 11,000 additional km per day. ;year.


The company is already on the way. thinking about the future. As we know, he is working on the Lightyear 2, a model that will take advantage of the all the technologies developed up to now but which will be; offered at a decidedly higher price; competitive. In fact, there is talk of a starting cost of around 30 thousand euros. Car designed, this time, for volume production. The debut is expected in 2025.

Apparently, however, there is some news about it. they could arrive soon, perhaps already; during the next CES 2023 in Las Vegas.


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