Honda in 2024 will produce? a CR-V Fuel Cell in the United States


Honda does not intend to give up the possibility to use Fuel Cell technology inside its cars. After all, the industrial plan presented last year was very clear. By 2040, the Japanese automaker intends to market only electric and fuel cell cars. Therefore, the manufacturer continues to believe that hydrogen technology is valid. He is not surprised, therefore, the news that Honda will start & agrave; to produce in the United States a new fuel cell vehicle starting in 2024.

It will be about of an SUV and will be; based on the CR-V. This model will be built at Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC) in Marysville, Ohio. The structure is It was opened in 2016 and produces models such as the Acura NSX supercar. So, a factory specializing in low-volume models. After all, Honda does not expect large sales volumes for this new car. One of the objectives, in fact, is; to evaluate the acceptance of this technology among American customers.

We will begin low-volume production of fuel cell vehicles to further explore their great potential as part of a future of a transport sustainable.


For the moment, Honda has provided very little information on the future CR-V Fuel Cell. The automaker highlighted that more details on the car will be shared in the near future. of its introduction in 2024. Therefore, in order to have a complete picture of this model, it will be necessary to know what it is. wait some more time.

Honda has limited to saying that it intends to offer a Fuel Cell vehicle that uses a system defined as "Plug-in" (not to be confused with that of PHEV models). In short, Honda points out that people will be able to use the vehicle's battery power to get around town and then take advantage of fuel cells on longer journeys. long. As previously mentioned, in order to fully understand the operation of the powertrain, it will be necessary to understand how the powertrain works. wait some more time.

Honda, however, is not the best choice. new to the use of Fuel Cell technology. The first vehicle dates back to 2002 and it was the FCX sedan. Also, over time, in an effort to support the most common knowledge, the industry has been able to offer a variety of products and services. wide introduction of fuel cell vehicles, Honda has invested more; $14 million in California's hydrogen fueling network.

In 2017, the Japanese automaker also announced a joint venture with GM to produce fuel cell-based systems.

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