Gaming on Linux: Mesa 22.3.0 brings support for RDNA 3 to the Vulkan driver


The latest version 22.3.0 of the free graphics stack Mesa 3D, which is essential for gaming under Linux, brings support for AMD RDNA 3 and the graphics cards Radeon RX 7900 XTX and 7900 XT based on it to the Vulkan graphics driver RADV. In addition, further OpenGL and Vulkan extensions flow into the graphics library.

Mesa 3D receives many new extensions

The free 3D graphics library Mesa 3D, which serves as a graphics stack for playing and working under Linux and implements the OpenGL specifications, among other things, has received numerous new extensions with the release of the latest version 22.3.0, which, for example, provides initial support for AMD Deploy RDNA 3 (“GFX11”) via the free Radeon Vulkan Driver (“RADV”), Radeon Raytracing Analyzer, and OpenGL 4.5. Collabora NVK, an open-source Vulkan graphics driver for Nvidia graphics cards, and the Panfrost driver are also supported.

A selection of the most important new extensions shows that switching to the new version has done a lot.

  • GL_ARB_shader_clock on llvmpipe
  • Mesa-DB, the new single file cache type
  • GL_NV_shader_atomic_float on llvmpipe
  • VK_EXT_extended_dynamic_state3 on lavapipe
  • VK_EXT_extended_dynamic_state3 on RADV & anv
  • VK_EXT_mutable_descriptor_type on RADV
  • VK_EXT_load_store_op_none on RADV
  • VK_EXT_shader_atomic_float on lvp
  • VK_KHR_global_priority on RADV

Mesa 3D v22.3.0 – New Extensions

Not least, current games, but also applications, as the developers have announced, benefit from the improvements and error corrections listed in the official release notes as well as the new features.

Steam Deck as a accelerator

Driven by Valve and their Steam Deck handheld PC and the SteamOS 3.0 operating system, the developers of Mesa 3D are setting an impressive pace. The editors also report regularly on the latest developments in this area.

Also DXVK 2.0 and the open source game manager Lutris and the new version 2.5 .0 released Heroic Games Launchers make an important contribution and make gaming on Linux more convenient.

Graphics Library Version Publication Release Notes Mesa 3D Mesa 21.0.0 03/2021 Link Mesa 21.0.1 Link Mesa 21.0.2 Link Mesa 21.0.3 04/2021 Link Mesa 21.1.0 05/2021 Link Mesa 21.1.1 Link Mesa 21.1.2 06/2021 Link Mesa 21.1.3 Link Mesa 21.1.4 Link Mesa 21.1.5 07/2021 Link Mesa 21.1.6 Link Mesa 21.2.0 08/2021 Link Mesa 21.2.1 – * Mesa 21.2.2 09/2021 Link Mesa 21.2.3 Link Mesa 21.2.4 10/2021 Link Mesa 21.2.5 Link Mesa 21.3.0 11/2021 Link Mesa 21.3.1 12/2021 Link Mesa 21.3.2 Link Mesa 21.3.3 Link Mesa 21.3.4 01/2022 Link Mesa 21.3.5 Link Mesa 21.3.6 02/2022 Link Mesa 21.3.7 Link Mesa 22.0.0 03/2022 Link Mesa 22.0.1 Link Mesa 22.0.2 04/2022 Link Mesa 22.0.3 05/2022 Link Mesa 22.0 .4 Link Mesa 22.1.0 Link Mesa 22.1.1 06/2022 Link Mesa 22.1.2 Link Mesa 22.1.3 Link Mesa 22.1.4 07/2022 Link Mesa 22.1.5 08/2022 Link Mesa 22.2.0 09/2022 Link Mesa 22.2.1 10/2022 Link Mesa 22.2.2 Link Mesa 22.2.3 11/2022 Link Mesa 22.2.4 Link Mesa 22.3.0 12/2022 Link *) Release Notes not public

For more information, see the official website and the project pages on the GitLab and GitHub developer platforms.