Fritz!OS 7.50: AVM releases firmware update for Fritz!Box


After months of AVM releasing new preview versions of Fritz!OS 7.50 via the Fritz!Labor, distribution of the new operating system for the company's Fritz!Boxes is now beginning. The first router to receive the update is the Fritz!Box 7590 and not the newer Fritz!Box 7950 AX.

Faster mesh -Multiband WiFi

According to AVM, Fritz!OS 7.50 contains more than 150 new functions and improvements for the routers most commonly used in Germany. The mesh WLAN of the Fritz!Boxes, for example, now has dynamic “smart repeating”, which is intended to increase the performance in the network by enabling connections to the mesh master with several WLAN bands when a device is operating as a mesh repeater and no longer just one is used.

WireGuard integrated directly in the Fritz!Box

In addition, a Fritz!Box with Fritz! OS 7.50 can use the open source VPN WireGuard, which AVM has integrated directly into the firmware. For the Fritz!Box 6490 and 6590, however, this VPN service will not come with Fritz!OS 7.50 either, as AVM has announced.

New design with Fritz!OS 7.50

News for telephony and Smart Home

In connection with a Fritz!Fon and the new comfort function “appointment calendar”, the telephone now rings as a reminder of an appointment at the time of the appointment. In addition, AVM has made numerous innovations in the Smart Home area, for example with scenarios depending on the occasion, routines, templates for functions or the support of compatible window sensors for the window-open detection of the radiator controller.

Update to Fritz!OS 7.50 on the Fritz!Box 7950

Initiate manual update to Fritz!Box 7590

The update to Fritz!OS 7.50 on the Fritz!Box 7590 can be carried out via the user interface of the Fritz!Box, which can usually be reached in the local network at is, manually via the menu “System > Update > Search for a new Fritz!OS”, as shown in the screenshot above in the editorial team's self-experiment. However, it may take some time before it is offered to all users. If automatic updates are activated, it will be installed in the background over the next few days.

Fritz!OS 7.50 will be released gradually for other current models, according to AVM, without specifically specifying models and availability.

Long list of innovations

The complete list of innovations and improvements is long, which is why reference is made here to the official release notes for the update to Fritz!OS 7.50.