Expo's war on the police after Karl XII manifestation


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Published 1 December 2022 at 16:31

Media. Expo is now raging against the fact that the police did not intervene when participants in a Karl XII demonstration asked the far-left newspaper's emissary to leave the place.

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On Wednesday evening, November 30, a demonstration was held at the Karl XII statue in Stockholm, where, among others, Alternative for Sweden party leader Gustav Kasselstrand gave a speech.

As usual, Left-wing Expo had staff on site to survey and record the opinions of the participants. And now the newspaper claims that these people were subjected to threats. But when they “asked for help to carry out their work, the police remained passive”, writes Expo in a strongly offended article.

– What did you expect – you think very differently, you and NMR? a law enforcement officer is said to have said.

Expo describes several cases of alleged threats against employees during the demonstration.

“Early in the demonstration, the Expos emissary was jumped by a meeting attendee. The man approached the Expos photographer from behind and pressed his mobile phone to the photographer's face while saying that she had no business there. The dialogue police who were standing three meters away passively watched the incident for several minutes until until the man also lunged at Expo's reporter – only then did the dialogue police control the situation.”

According to Expo, around fifteen members of the Nordic Resistance later came to the scene.

“After the group's arrival, a journalist following AFS leader Kasselstrand's speech was menacingly courted by a leading NMR activist who stood very close to the reporter and demanded that the journalist, whom the NMR activist believed to be 'anti-Swedish' and 'anti-white', would leave the demonstration. The reporter, who was standing half a meter from three dialogue police officers, repeatedly asked to be left alone in order to do his job. The police officers refrained from intervening and ignored the situation.”

A masked NMR member also allegedly “shoved his forehead into” the face of one of the Expo agents, told her to leave the scene and shoved her camera. However, part of this event was filmed by journalist Christian Peterson, who works to scrutinize the extreme left: