Cruise wants to test the Origin taxi robot on the streets of San Francisco


Cruise is taking one step further in its plan to offer a fleet of robotaxis< /strong> based on the Cruise Origin model whose series production should start during 2023. In fact, the division of General Motors that deals with the development of self-driving cars has requested authorization from the California Department of Motor Vehicles to be able to test its self-driving vehicle on the streets open to traffic in the city. ; of San Francisco.

Obviously, the vehicles will have to comply with precise rules in order to be tested. For example, they will only be able to circulate in a very specific area, at the same speed as they can. low (up to 35 miles per hour – 56 km/h) and only in good weather. The experimentation of Crusie Origin vehicles will have to be completed. follow a path very similar to that of the Chevrolet Bolts that Cruise is already driving. useto offer some robotaxi services. However, compared to the already self-driving models; on the road in San Francisco, Cruise Origin was born natively to be used as a robotaxi.

It has shapes that are very similar to those of a shuttle and it is; was developed to be easily adapted in all areas in which it will be used; used. Model who had been the protagonist of some spy photos last summer. All that remains is to wait for the green light to be tested on the streets of San Francisco to see how this particular self-driving car really behaves.


Cruise & egrave; already been authorized to charge rides for its Chevrolet Bolt-based robot taxis. However, the test path of this model is not available. been problem-free, a sign that the work to be done to have a truly reliable autonomous guide is much more difficult. still a lot.

We cannot fail to mention, for example, a problem that occurred in July when some of Cruise's robotaxis stopped after an intersection, grouping together and blocking traffic. A short time later, however, a robotaxi had an accident with a Toyota Prius, causing minor injuries to the occupants. The company He claimed at the time that Toyota's human driver was to blame, but he still chose to update the operation of his vehicle to improve handling of unexpected situations in left turns.

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