be quiet! Pure Rock LP: 45 millimeter high cooler for 100 watt TDP


be quiet! competes in the segment of super-flat processor coolers. The Pure Rock LP is only 45 millimeters high, but the manufacturer promises it should offer enough power for “an ordinary mid-range gaming system”.

When designing flat coolers also has be quiet! Little choice: The heat sink, which is only 30 millimeters high, is cuboid like its competitors and makes full use of the free space around the processor base. Together with three heatpipes, this should be enough for a TDP of 100 watts.

The fan used plays a role here. This is where be quiet! back to a 92 mm model with a 15 mm thick frame that has a maximum speed of 2,500 rpm. The fan is bolted on the Pure Rock LP, so using a larger model will likely require longer bolts.

be quiet! Pure Rock LP (Picture: be quiet!)

Since the cooler can only handle a moderate TDP, it can only be used on mid-range platforms. It is mounted on AM4 and AM5 mainboards as well as the LGA 1700, 1200 and 115X. The Pure Rock LP is screwed directly from the back of the main circuit board.

Cooler in comparison

The newcomer will be available in stores from December 13th at a recommended price of around 50 euros. In terms of price, it is more based on Noctua and Co and sees itself as a larger, more powerful version of the NH-L9i, which only has two heat pipes and flatter fins.

However, coolers with more heat pipes are also available for less money. The Jonsbo HP-400, for example, is said to be able to dissipate a little more waste heat, but only costs around 29 euros and is complemented by the completely black HX4170D. The most likely direct competitor is the 40 euro expensive, similarly sized Silverstone Argon AR11, which, however, leaves the heat pipes and fins in their natural state. With the Hydrogon H90, however, Silverstone has another caliber ready for 50 euros, which is 48 millimeters high and uses six heat pipes.

be quiet! Pure Rock LP be quiet! Pure Rock LP ✔Jonsbo HP-400Noctua NH-L9i-17xx ✔Silverstone Argon AR 11 ✔ Noctua NH-L9i-17xx be quiet! Pure Rock LP ✔Jonsbo HP-400Noctua NH-L9i-17xx ✔Silverstone Argon AR 11 ✔ Silverstone Argon AR 11 be quiet! Pure Rock LP ✔Jonsbo HP-400Noctua NH-L9i-17xx ✔Silverstone Argon AR 11 ✔ Design: Top-Blow, Low-Profile Size (L × W × H): 92 × 92 × 30 mm (without fan)
92 × 92 × 45 mm (with fan) 95 × 95 × 23 mm (without fan)
95 × 95 × 37 mm (with fan) 97 × 94 × 32 mm (without fan)
97 × 94 × 47 mm (with fan) Weight: 358 g (with fan) 345 g (without fan)
420 g (with fan) 290 g (without fan) Heatpipes: Copper (plated), 3 × 6 mm (Ø)
Copper base (nickel-plated) Copper (nickel-plated), 2 × 6 mm (Ø)
Copper base, flat (nickel-plated) copper, 4 × 6 mm (Ø)
Direct Touch/Contact fins: aluminium (coated), ?
Distance: ? aluminum (nickel-plated), 55 pieces
spacing: 1.1 mm aluminium, ?
spacing: ? Radiator Mounting: Single Stage Bracket Fan (Model 1): 1 × 92 × 92 × 15.0 mm
2,500 rpm
30.6 dBA
4-pin PWM 1 × 92 × 92 × 14.0 mm
600 – 2,500 rpm
57.5 m³/h
14.8 – 23.6 dBA
4-pin PWM 1 × 92 × 92 × 15.0 mm
Double ball bearing
1,200 – 3,000 rpm
94.2 m³/h
44.5 dBA
4-pin PWM fan (model 2): ​​- Fan mounting: Fixing : Screwed
Decoupling: No fastening: Screwed
Decoupling: Fan frame Fastening: Screwed
Decoupling: No Compatibility: AMD: Socket AM4
Intel: LGA 1700/LGA 1200/115x AMD: Socket AM1?< br>Intel: LGA 1700 Intel: LGA LGA 1200?/115x Price: 50 € from 45 € –