Petrol and diesel prices are falling but the cut in excise duties has been reduced since December


Fuel prices are falling. This is good news. However, as we know, from December it will start; the reduction of the cut in excise duties desired by the Meloni government. We already have some. spoken widely and we know that on petrol and diesel, the cut in excise duties will pass; from 30.5 euro cents to 18.3 euro cents. Therefore, very soon, a full tank of fuel will cost a lot. more. A decision that has caused much discussion and that is was rejected by consumer associations.

For example, Massimiliano Dona, president of the National Consumer Union, commented on the imminent increase in prices:

The decision of the Meloni government to cut the discount on excise duties from 25 to 15 cents per liter (+ VAT), which will in any case affect the economy. on a family that fills 2 tanks of 50 liters a month for 146 euros and 40 cents on an annual basis, a sting that the Italians would gladly do without, remains an ill-advised choice, also because it's not a good idea. an increase in fuel prices, regardless of their currently low level, will have a higher impact. however, harmful effects on inflation, even if the Government has not changed the regime for road hauliers.

Precisely because of all this, Dona is asking the Government to take a step back.


According to the data communicated today by Quotidiano Energia. In mode self, the average price of petrol is equal to 1.650 euros per litre, while in mode; served & egrave; of 1.801 euros per litre. Instead, the average price of dieselin mode self is; equal to 1.733 euros per liter which rises to 1.885 euros per liter in served.

Therefore, starting from December, petrol in mode; self will arrive; close to the threshold of 1.8 euros per liter and should exceed 1.9 euros per liter in moderation; served. For diesel in diesel mode; self the average price will be the same. over 1.85 euros per litre. In mode served, however, you will go; to break through probably 2 euro per liter (we are always talking about national average prices).

The price trend of the next few days will then depend on the price. from the market and on this issue Massimiliano Dona raises an alarm. In fact, if in November the cut in production of 2 million barrels of oil per day by the OPEC+ countries had no consequences due to a series of economic and international factors, the unknown remains as to how much will be achieved. decided at the next OPEC+ meeting on December 4 and on the effects that there will be with respect to the decisions on Russian oil.

The certain fact is; that December 2022 will start; with an increase in costs for a full tank of fuel. For 2023, on the other hand, nothing is planned. yet decided and we do not know if the cut of excise duties, even in a reduced form, will be; further extended. It will all depend on the from the forthcoming initiatives of the Meloni Government.

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