New Mercedes eSprinter, 475 km journey on one charge from Stuttgart to Munich


Mercedes is working on the new generation of its eSprinter electric van. This new model will be; world premiere early February 2023. Meanwhile, the German automaker is completing its development. In this regard, there is interesting news that bodes well for the potential of this new commercial vehicle.

In fact, a pre-production model of the new Mercedes eSprinter completed a 475 km journey from Stuttgart to Munich and back on just one battery charge. Energy consumption, says the builder, is was equal to 21.9 kWh per 100 km. A promising result given that Mercedes highlights the complexity of the project. of the route due to the high proportion of motorways and the ascent to the Swabian Alb.


The new electric van, once on the market, will be used in the future. proposed with 3 different capacities; of the battery. For the self-sufficiency test it is necessary to Obviously, the accumulator with the highest capacity was chosen. In addition, Mercedes opted for an “extra-long eSprinter with high roof” to match. (one of the different versions of the bodywork in which it will be offered). The proof of consumption that is been certified by the TÜV Süd, yes it was; held on October 19.

An inspector of the TÜV Süd was always been present inside the van during the test and checked that everything was in order. As for the route, entering more in the details, yes & egrave; wanted to recreate a typical route of an express deliverybetween Stuttgart and Munich.

The journey is; departed from the Mercedes Museum directly from the Mercedes plant in Untertürkheim on the B10 in the direction of Göppingen and then Ulm. There; yes it is then switched to the motorway. The route led to Munich Airport on the A8 and A99. Afterwards, the journey was completed. continued on the motorway towards Stuttgart, where at the Wendlinger Kreuz intersection you reached the motorway. returned to the Mercedes Museum via the B313 and the B10. The length of the route was 475 km, with the longest section being the longest section. lowest at 210 meters above sea level and the lowest; high at 785 meters above sea level.

At the end of the journey, the electric van had a remaining range of 20 km (3% of the capacity ; remaining battery). Unfortunately, Mercedes has not provided further details that would have allowed a better evaluation of this test such as the speed of the car. average maintained by the van. We also know that the new eSprinter was carrying a small load but we don't know its exact weight.

Therefore, all we have to do is wait for the official launch of this electric van on which Mercedes is betting a lot given that in addition to Europe , it will be also marketed in the United States and Canada.

[Update at 17.48 with the test video]

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