Low sentences after Koran riots are appealed to the High Court


Published 30 November 2022 at 13.14

Law & Right. The Deputy Attorney General has appealed a Court of Appeal judgment on gross sabotage against blue light operations and demanded that the Supreme Court sentence to a longer prison sentence.

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Two men were charged with serious sabotage against blue light activities for participating in the Koran riots in Sveaparken in Örebro in April.

The district court sentenced one man to prison for seven years and six months and the other to prison for six years.

However, the Court of Appeal reduced the prison sentences to six and five years respectively.

Deputy Attorney General Katarina Johansson Welin has now appealed the Court of Appeal's verdict.

– It was a question of a protracted sequence of events and very strong violence against the police, including in the form of large stones being thrown at and hitting them. The violence caused damage to a large number of police officers and their equipment. Some of the officers have said that they seriously feared for their lives. Several of the police officers who were at the scene have suffered from mental illness after the incident. There were thus several aggravating circumstances that should be taken into account when deciding the punishment, says Katarina Johansson Welin in a statement.

According to the deputy public prosecutor, the penalty value of what the two men are to be sentenced for is significantly higher than what the district court and reached by the Court of Appeal, but since the prosecutor did not appeal the district court verdict, the district court's penalty should be upheld.

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