Lost Between Worlds: Far Cry 6 breaks away from reality


The first-person shooter Far Cry 6 (test) is being expanded beyond the Season Pass. In the expansion “Lost Between Worlds”, which costs around 20 euros, the shooter is breaking new ground from December 6th. An alien and his spaceship play a central role – because players will explore different realities.

In the expansion, Ubisoft breaks away from any form of realism. An alien abducts the player, who has to cross different “rifts” in different realities to escape. There, among other things, an underwater Esperanza, an active volcano and a black cave are the setting, in which different dimensions of Far Cry gameplay are covered. In this way, Ubisoft creates the freedom to experiment with gameplay and level design in the game; Parkour, puzzle and survival sequences are in prospect.

In doing so, players will collect a “shard” at the end of a rift to repair the alien spaceship. The developers speak of non-linear gameplay, which is why it can be assumed that the various cracks can be completed in any order. Shards also have another function. You unlock equipment and tools that can be used, among other things, to find new paths through the levels. Cracks, explains the publisher, can therefore be played multiple times – and must be played multiple times over the course of the story.

Red and blue rich

Fights will also be different than normal Far Cry everyday life. Opponents are now crystalline creatures, and according to Ubisoft, their color coding should also play a role: ammunition and meanies are either red or blue and should match. However, in the expansion, death is not a reason to load a saved game. “Glimmers” scattered throughout the rift allow players to continue the game mid-level unless they want to bypass the rift completely or play from the beginning.

The shooter comes with a free Also update a New Game Plus mode and Completionist Help. It should make it easier to find all secrets and collectibles in the game in order to be able to bring the statistics on game content to “100%”.

The expansion can be purchased individually, as a part of the new “Upgrade Pass”, which also contains the Season Pass, as well as in a bundle with the Season Pass and the main game as “Far Cry 6: Game of the Year Edition”.