French EU politician quits in protest against L's collaboration with SD


Published 30 November 2022 at 17.32

EU. The French MEP Pascal Durand is leaving the liberal party group Renew Europe. The reason is the collaboration of the Swedish Liberals with the Sweden Democrats.

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Pascal Durand comments on his decision as follows, according to Politico:

– I have dedicated my entire political career to fighting xenophobia, racism and nationalism, to build a stronger Europe . That the liberal group should be associated with such a party is too much for me.

The French liberal now joins the social democratic party group instead.

After the Tidö agreement ended, the Liberals have been threatened with exclusion from Renew Europe. L leader Johan Pehrson had previously promised never to cooperate with SD.

However, the party group has announced that L may remain, but the Swedish party's leadership layer will be excluded from meetings.