Fisker is considering producing the new electric Pear in Europe as well


The production of the Fisker Ocean electric SUV has been completed. less than two weeks ago at the Magna plant in Graz, Austria and the very first deliveries will begin soon. Apparently, however, the American manufacturer intends to strengthen its ability to produce a car. productive in view of the arrival of its second electric model which, at the moment, we know under the name of Pear. Car that will be produced from from 2024 by Foxconnin America, at the factory purchased by the Taiwanese company from Lordstown.

Fisker is the first company in the Taiwanese company. however; sure of the success of his second car, which is evaluating the possibility; to get to build it also in Europe, opening a new factory. This interesting novelty is comes directly from Henrik Fisker in an interview with Handelsblatt.

We are currently trying to build the Pear in Europe as well.

A decision will be made. taken, it seems, halfway through; of 2023. The American manufacturer is also considering whether to take over an existing plant or whether to build it from scratch alone or with a partner (even in joint ventures with other manufacturers). Henrik Fisker added that Germany could be a good choice for the eventual European factory.

In Germany it would be much easier. easy to find highly qualified personnel. However, high energy costs would play against this possibility. Fisker, therefore, is evaluating this European expansion plan to support the production of the Pear, a car which, we recall, will have a new market. a starting cost of about 30,000 dollars and which will be; also marketed in the Old Continent.


The news was released. certainly interesting. However, she must be taken with due caution. The production of the Ocean SUV is completed. still only at the beginning and although Fisker already has the paper on paper; of many orders for this model, the success of him & egrave; still to be verified. Talking about a new factory to increase the production of a model that is not yet available; not even been presented & egrave; probably premature.

In any case, a proprietary factory, even in a joint venture with a partner, would mean for Fisker a departure from its current corporate strategy. In fact, to maintain a streamlined organization (and save money), it opted to rely on an external partner for the production of its first model. Even the investment would be very different. For the construction of the new Ocean, Fisker invested $100 million to set up production lines at the Magna plant.

A factory owned by Fisker. it would require investments estimated at at least $1.5 billion. Finally, we recall that Fisker's ambitious growth plan plans to offer 4 or 5 electric cars by 2025. more concrete by the American manufacturer.

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