Ferrari Thoroughbred: stop to orders. Even two years for deliveries


Ferrari has confirmed that it has stopped accepting orders, at least for the moment, for its new Thoroughbred SUV. The reason? The huge success he achieved and which led to a real boom in orders. We already had some. spoken in the past when Maranello had stated that there was the risk of not being able to satisfy all requests.

Now, a few months after the presentation of this new model, Enrico Galliera, head of marketing and sales of the Prancing Horse, confirmed that Ferrari no longer accepts the offer. orders and that customers will have to wait up to two years to be able to put their Thoroughbred in the garage.

Is not serious; It's a secret that we stopped taking orders and it was already there. a broad interest without having delivered a single car. We made a decision that we believed was consistent with the positioning of Ferrari and the model.


For the production of its new SUV, Ferrari has adopted a very specific criterion. Maranello wants to preserve exclusivityof this model and therefore does not intend to make it a "Volume Maker". Therefore, the manufacturer does not intend to focus on quantity. The automaker already had made it known that the Thoroughbred will not represent; more 20% of total annual sales. In the face of this success, there will be no choice. an increase in production, always with the aim of preserving the exclusivity of the product. of the car.

As strictly regards the orders, it will be; given priority you are already customers. Only later, will it be necessary to to the others. The Purosangue caused a lot of discussion, even before its official debut. Many admirers of the Italian brand turned up their noses at Ferrari's decision to offer an SUV. However, despite these criticisms, there is a number of clients among the clients. There was a real boom in requests.

Recall that the Ferrari Purosangue adopts a 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12 capable of delivering a maximum power of 725 HP at 7,750 rpm with 716 Nm at 6,250 rpm. The speed; The maximum speed reaches 310 km/h, while it takes 3.3 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km/h. The price? It starts from well 390 thousand euros.


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