The defense gets new body protection made for women


Published 29 November 2022 at 10.25

Domestic. From June next year, the new body armor 23 D – which is specially adapted for women – will be delivered to the Armed Forces units.

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– I dare to promise that all women in the Armed Forces will have the new body protection by the end of June 2023 at the latest, says Claes Inoz of the Production Staff's logistics department in a statement.

The old 90 system will continue to be used until 2030 and all civilian employees can expect to keep their current uniform for a while longer.

Gender neutral uniform
The new field uniform FU 24 will be common for all Nordic countries where only the camouflage will be different. The Swedish version has smaller color blocks than today and with three crowns interspersed in the pattern. Underwear and undergarments will be in 100 percent merino wool and are the only garments, apart from body protection, that will be adapted for women and men. Everything else is gender neutral.