Mydlink Home: D-Link will shut down smart home products at the end of 2022


D-Link will be shutting down the Mydlink Home and Mydlink Baby Monitor services at the end of the year. This renders the smart home products that rely on these platforms unusable. Even though sales have officially stopped, the products are still available in stores.

Smart home devices without a connection are unusable

According to D-Link, the reason for the end of the two services is the focus on products and solutions that offer customers the greatest benefit and the highest level of security. The shutdown on December 30, 2022 affects both the apps and the cloud services of both applications. From then on, among other things, it will no longer be possible to log into the apps and use functions such as remote access as well as setting up and managing the devices – the devices can no longer be used sensibly and become almost unusable. From December 30th, the apps will no longer be offered in the Apple and Google app stores. There will be no more updates and new functions until then. According to D-Link, if you are not yet using the current version, you should update the app now to increase security.

Wide range of products affected

The affected products are, for example, cameras, networked sockets, Motion detectors, sensors such as door/window contacts and water sensors, but also smart home hubs.

List of affected D-Link devices:

mydlink Home:

  • DCS-935LH
  • DCS-8200LH
  • DCS-5025L
  • DSP-W110
  • DSP-W215
  • DCH-S150
  • DCH-S160
  • DCH-G020
  • DCH-G020X
  • DCH-Z110
  • DCH-S220
  • DCH-Z120
  • DCH-Z310

For the DCS-935L and DCS-5010L, support and support in the mydlink Home app will also be discontinued , but users of the mydlink Lite and mydlink+ apps are not affected. The same applies to the DCH-Z510 siren.

mydlink baby cameras:

  • DCS-700L
  • DCS-800L
  • DCS-820L
  • DCS-825L
  • DCS-850L
  • DCS-855L

As the products use WiFi, let they also cannot simply be integrated into other smart home systems, as is largely possible with Z-Wave or Zigbee.

New purchased, then contact support

In addition to the sale, which is said to have officially stopped, D-Link also no longer provides support for the products. As we are aware that products may still be available in stores, customers who have purchased such a product in stores within the last year should contact customer service. A random sample shows that many products are available in German retail without restrictions and that there is no indication of the end of product support and shutdown.