Lamborghini, the tests of the new V12 hybrid of the Aventador heir continue


The industrial plan of Lamborghini plans to electrify the entire range of its cars by 2024 Next year, for example, will be; presented the heir of the Lamborghini Aventador which will be presented; proposed with a Plug-in hybrid powertrain, characterized by the presence of a new generation V12 internal combustion engine.

The automaker is continuing the development of the new hybrid powertrain which will find its place in the future. placed inside the new supercar. Now comes a video from Varryx's YouTube channel showing a forklift belonging to the heir to the Aventador intent on carrying out road tests.


The car appears heavily disguised, however you can note some very important details. First, there are the classic stickerswhich identify the presence of a hybrid model. Therefore, the Lamborghini car that stars in the film has an electrified powertrain.

There is an electrified powertrain. then a very curious detail. At the rear there are 6 exhaust terminals. In reality, the two terminals more big are fake. The real ones are the four most common. small and are in a position that confirms what has been seen in previous spy photos of the Lamborghini supercar.

Unfortunately, there are still no precise details on the powertrain. The Lamborghini CEO has only confirmed, in the past, that it will be a question of the event. of a V12 Plug-in. There are rumors that speak of an overall power far higher than that of the endothermic Aventador (even about 1,000 HP). Precise data will probably only arrive with the official presentation of the car which will take place at the event. by the end of the first quarter of 2023.

Recently, the first images of the interior of the new supercar had also appeared, showing the new digital instrumentation in close-up, highlighting some interesting details how the modalities driving speed, the red zone at 8,500 rpm and more.

All that remains, therefore, is to wait for the arrival of new information on this very important model for the car manufacturer's electrification programme.

[Spy video: Varryx]

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