Is Tesla working on a Model 3 update?


It seems that Tesla is working on a series of renovations for the Model 3. This, at least, is ; what is reported by a Reuters report which, obviously, like all reports, must be taken with due caution. According to reports, this restyling work would be internally called the "Highland project". However, the car manufacturer would not be working only on a classic restyling but also on a constructive simplification.

This new version of the electric sedan will be on display. produced both in the Fremont factory in California and in the Shanghai factory in China. The report talks about the start of production in China in the third quarter of 2023.


The Reuters report states that with the "Highland" you want to reduce the number of components and the complexity; of the interiors, as well as, obviously, introducing a series of improvements to those more characteristic features; appreciated by customers such as the central display.

According to reports, for the renewed version of the Model 3, Tesla could incorporate some elements already in use. introduced on the new Model S. May the Yoke steering wheel arrive, on which much has been heard; discussed? We will see over time if it really will be possible. so.

The report does not go into the details of what's new. that will be introduced but you can; think that a possible important update of the Model 3 could also include a review of the powertrain with the introduction of more powerful engines; efficient and new battery packs. All with the aim above all of increasing autonomy.

The reduction of the complexity of the system. of the car could allow the car manufacturer to be able to lower the costs of the Model 3, allowing this model to be more competitive on a market in which more and more are arriving; rivals, including several Chinese models.

As mentioned at the beginning, the report must be taken with due caution. That Tesla may be working on a Model 3 revamp is obvious. quite normal and the same thing can be done; say about introducing improvements on the production front to lower costs, a job that Tesla is on top of. committed for some time to 360 degrees.

Therefore, all that remains is to wait to understand if the relationship is right. correct and if indeed, by the end of next summer, it will arrive; a renewed version of the electric sedan.


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