Here are the schools with the most shootings


Published 29 November 2022 at 07.36

Domestic. SVT has produced a list of the schools in Sweden that have had the most shootings near the school building. At Gullingeskolan in Tensta, which tops the list, there have been no fewer than 14 shootings in the past three years.

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A total of roughly 700 shootings have taken place in the vicinity of primary schools in the past three years.

This is shown by data produced by SVT in collaboration with the statistics company Infostat.

According to the survey, 16 percent of Sweden's primary school students – 196,000 children – attend a school where there has been one or more shootings within a 500 meter radius in the last three years. But in Södertälje and Eskilstuna the proportion is 54 percent and 49 percent respectively.

However, the worst are the schools in the Järva area in Stockholm. Gullingeskolan tops the list with 14 shootings.

Schools with seven or more shootings
Gullingeskolan, Stockholm: 14
Askebyskolan, Stockholm: 10
Hjulsta primary school, Stockholm: 10
Rinkeby School, Stockholm: 10
International English School Hässelby, Stockholm: 9
Årby School, Eskilstuna: 9
Edda School, Sigtuna: 8
Elinsborg School, Stockholm: 8
Hermodsdalsskolan, Malmö: 8
Enbacksskolan, Stockholm: 7
Husbygårdsskolan, Stockholm: 7
Kvarnhagsskolan, Botkyrka: 7
Maltesholmsskolan, Stockholm: 7
Ryaskolan, Gothenburg: 7
Sagaskolan, Sigtuna: 7
Turebergsskolan, Sollentuna: 7