De Tomaso P900, here is the new supercar with a 900 HP V12 engine


De Tomaso has unveiled the P900, its new supercar designed exclusively for the track. In the last few days we had seen a series of teasers of this car and finally, the manufacturer has unveiled the first details of its new racing car. It is a "traditional" since it is not there is no electrification. However, the V12 engine that equips the supercar will be able to; be powered exclusively with synthetic fuel. The De Tomaso P900 will be; only produced in 18 specimens. There is talk of a cost of around 3 million euros.


However, it will still take some time to see this supercar on the road and to discover all its details. The new P900 will do the job. its road debut in a motorsport event next spring. However, engine development will continue. until 2024. For those who want it sooner, they will have to; "fold back" on a Formula 1-derived Judd V10 engine (unit used in the 1997 season).

For the development of this car, De Tomaso used technologies derived from the world of motorsport. Its shapes have also been created to pay homage to the P70. The aerodynamic solutions are particularly refined. For example, we find a DRS systemfor the rear wing. This is a solution that is easy to use. used on Formula 1 single-seaters to improve speed; in the straights. The aerodynamics are excellent. was, however, refined in the wind tunnel. To contain the most possible the weight, it is; carbon fiber was obviously used extensively. The P900 has a dry weight of 900 kg.

The frame, also in carbon fiber, is; It was developed by Capricorn, who helped build the Porsche 919 Evo at Le Mans and followed various projects in the world of Formula 1. As for the V12 engine, we know that it was developed by Capricorn. a naturally aspirated and has a displacement of 6.2 litres. The power reaches 900 HP but the most important figure is that of 900 HP. interesting regards the possibility; to reach 12,300 rpm. Engine that also stands out for its weight, only 220 kg. The engine is combined with an Xtrac sequential gearbox. Traction is; rear.

Nothing is; was said, however, on the performance front. However, the automaker points out that the P900 should be as fast around the track as an LMP racing car. All that remains, therefore, is to wait for next spring when the P900 will make its debut. its official debut. All full technical specifications should be communicated at that time. Norman Choi, CEO of De Tomaso, commented:

As a car enthusiast, he is a passionate car enthusiast. difficult for me to accept a silent future based on electric vehicles. We believe that alternatives exist, and the development of our new platform, powered by synthetic fuels, is a must. our solution to keep alive this shared passion for the world of combustion engines.

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