Volkswagen CEO Thomas Schafer promises improvements to infotainment


The latest generations of Volskwagen and, in particular, the electric models of the ID range >, have suffered from a series of software problems, especially on the infotainment front. We've talked about this more; times and these are well-known issues that the German manufacturer himself has admitted in the past.

Users have complained, over time, about the slowness of the infotainment systems, the sometimes complex interface, the instability of the system and the software. software and much more. Thomas Schäfer, who took over as CEO of Volkswagen last year, once again admitted these difficulties to Car Magazine. and highlighted that they know what it is. what to do and where to intervene thanks to the many feedback received from customers, journalists and dealerships.


Volkswagen is working on more features; fronts, both at the hardware level and at the software level. The updates that will affect the hardware will take time. Volskwagen's number one speaks of 18 months. As far as the software is concerned, however, the first important innovations they will arrive by the end of 2022 with a new OTA updatewhich should introduce several innovations; and improvements. Indeed, the number one of the German brand speaks of an “enormous step forward”.

As far as hardware improvements are concerned, as mentioned previously, it will take more time. a little of timein order to implement the novelties. Obviously, they will only be available for the new models. For the old ones, however, only OTA updates will be offered. Therefore, it will be carried out "makeover" total which should finally lead to offering customers a reliable and complete platform.

Among the innovations; "physics" that will be introduced, there will be; goodbye to the capacitive buttons on the steering wheel that hadn't convinced customers. We will therefore return to the physical keys. If in recent years there is a been a while of confusion, now there is; the will; to also give a uniform technological aspect to all the cars of the brand. Thomas Schäfer also recounts that the infotainment problems were so common. serious who met monthly to check their progress.

It will take; a little of time but it seems that Volkswagen is finally on the right track to solve the software problems. All that remains is to wait for the latest news to arrive. which will allow you to take the first steps towards solving these critical issues.

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