Turkey indicts Sam Bankman Fried


Published 28 November 2022 at 16.59

Economy. While the US government delays its decisions on the matter, Turkey now announces that the country will prosecute the crypto exchange FTX principal Sam Bankman Fried.

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There have been rumors that the young crypto-billionaire has fled to Argentina as well as Israel, but the Jerusalem Post writes that the “Jewish king of crypto” may rather have “fled to Dubai”.

< p>Turkey has now seized all assets owned by FTX and located in the country, and will prosecute Sam Bankman-Fried and others for money laundering, market manipulation and fraud, according to a press release from the country's finance ministry.

“Strong suspicions exist of violation of Article 5237 of the Turkish Penal Code, specifically against an individual named Samuel Benjamin BANKMAN-FRIED, who directly or indirectly controls the real and legal persons associated with FTX.com that have links to our country. An application has made to Istanbul's Chief Prosecutor's Office with a request to initiate a preliminary investigation regarding both pre-criminal and money-laundering crimes under Article 282, as well as to confiscate the suspected assets through the application of paragraph 17 of article 5549,” the Ministry of Finance writes in the press release.

As a result of the application, the suspect assets have already been seized, according to the press release.