The moderates will attract more immigrants to Sölvesborg


Published 28 November 2022 at 15.59

Domestic. After sacrificing their cooperation with the Sweden Democrats and merging with the Social Democrats, the Moderates in Sölvesborg now want to increase the number of Third World immigrants in the municipality.

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According to P4 Blekinge, the Moderates in Sölvesborg are going so far that they are now stopping their own previous proposals on receiving asylum that were drawn up together with SD.

Among other things, the party is backing away from plans to challenge the law that gives the Migration Agency the right to place asylum seekers in Sölvesborg. The attempt to let asylum seekers live outside the municipality is also being given up.

– We have been able to take care of the designated refugees that we received in an excellent way, says Kith Mårtensson, group leader for the Moderates, to P4.< /p>

She claims that M has not changed his mind on the immigration issue.

– We have not changed our mind. These are documents that have been produced in discussion where you have had to give and take as you have to do when there is more than one person who has to produce something, says Kith Mårtensson to P4.