Tenancies that do not exist are rented out in Stockholm


Published 28 November 2022 at 11.18

Domestic. Frauds with false subletting of housing continue in Stockholm. People are tricked into paying security deposits on leases that don't exist.

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Usually fraudsters rent a condominium on, for example, Airbnb and then rent it out as a long-term residence on, for example, Blocket.

The fraudster then receives potential tenants on site, shows the apartment, signs a contract and takes against deposit. In several cases, the perpetrator has been a boomer who appears to be able to sit on a subsidized first-hand contract in Stockholm's inner city, but who in fact rented the apartment as a short-term resident.

The police are investigating a case where at least ten people are said to have have been tricked into renting the same apartment second hand in Stockholm, reports DN. All those involved have stated that they paid a deposit of at least SEK 28,000.

According to the police, housing fraud is particularly common in big cities. An increase in registrations is often noticed at the start of the semester, when many students move to new cities and look for housing at short notice