Policeman convicted of causing another's death – may continue to work


Published 28 November 2022 at 12.37

Law & Right. The Stockholm district court has today sentenced a police officer for causing the death of another. This after a man died of suffocation during a police intervention. But the police get away with a suspended sentence and have to keep working.

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In November 2021, a man died in Lidingö in connection with a police intervention.

The man is said to have been under the influence of drugs and behaved aggressively. The now-convicted police officer is said to have handcuffed the man and pressed his knee against his back while the man was lying down on a staircase.

The prosecutor has claimed that a policeman caused the man's death through negligence.


The district court believes that through a film that reproduces large parts of the course of events and the information of an autopsy doctor, it is proven that the man died as a result of suffocation with subsequent cardiac arrest. The district court considers that the policeman caused the man's death through negligence during the intervention.

The policeman is sentenced to a suspended sentence and daily fines.

One of the jurors disagreed and instead wanted to convict the policeman of misconduct.