Opel Corsa, the development of the restyling continues. New spy photos


Opel is continuing the development work of the current generation restyling della Corsa, a model that debuted in 2019. The presentation is expected to take place in 2023 and should introduce a series of innovations; aesthetics that will allow you to refresh the look of the car. However, great upheavals should not be expected. And that the touch-ups won't be very many, it can be seen; also notice from the latest spy photos.

A forklift of the restyling model is available. it was, in fact, intercepted on German roads during a classic development test session.


The camouflage is perfect. concentrated mainly at the level of the front where we will find most of the new features; of design. Retouches will come to the shapes of the headlights and the bumper. Opel should introduce aesthetic elements that characterize the new front "Opel Vizor" which had made its debut in the new Opel Mokka.

As far as the rear is concerned, however, the innovations they should be really detailed with the introduction of new graphics for the light clusters and small changes to the bumper. There should also be new colors for the bodywork and alloy wheels with a new design, as often happens when restyling debuts.

Regarding the interior, in addition to the arrival of new upholstery, Opel should introduce a technological update with new digital instrumentation and latest generation infotainment. For the moment, however, the spy photos don't allow you to take a peek at the cockpit to find out more.

As far as the engines are concerned, there is still no precise information. Since this is a restyling, no major changes should come. However, given the ever increasing regulations; stringent regulations on emissions, it is necessary to It is possible that the units diesels can be set aside. Will continue to the 100% electric version will also be proposed, which will probably be able to; count on the technical upgrade already available; seen on the Peugeot e-208. Therefore, a 156 HP engine should arrive powered by a new battery capable of allowing an autonomy of up to about 400 km.

Since the debut is still a little will be way to find out more.

[Spy: Motor1.com]

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