Lancia, here is the new logo. A "sculpture" anticipates the new design language


Lancia has officially begun its relaunch process which will lead the Italian brand to unveil a series of new models in the next few years, starting with the new generation of the Lancia Ypsilon which will make its debut; in 2024. At least one concept was expected from the Lancia Design Day event. Instead, Luca Napolitano, CEO of the brand, presented the new logo and the new philosophy of designwhich is enclosed within the Lancia Pu+Ra Zero which is It has been described as “a sculpture, a three-dimensional manifesto that inspires the cars that will arrive between 2024 and 2028”. First things first.


The car manufacturer says that the new logo represents Lancia's new course and its entry into mobility; electric. We will see this logo on the new generation of the Ypsion and later on the new flagship and then on the future Delta. Logo that is part of the new Brand Identity that will involve; the European dealerships, all renewed in terms of image by the beginning of 2024, and all the activities of communication, both online and offline.

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The new Lancia logo is Progressive Classic, as it reinterprets all the distinctive elements of the historic brand, the steering wheel, the flag, the shield, the spear and the writing, but reinterprets them to make them modern and project them into the future. All these constituent elements of the brand are the symbols of the nobility & agrave; and of the Lancia heritage which today are simplified, both in terms of lines and shapes, and positioned in a new balance, capable of expressing innovation, premiumness and Italian spirit; with a touch of eclecticism, given by the asymmetrical spear. The Lancia writing is also new with an original font, which takes inspiration from one of the most important Italian excellences in the world. related to the history of the brand, Fashion, “signing” the future of the brand to make it desirable, lasting and always contemporary.


The new design language is therefore called Lancia Pu+Ra Designand it is enclosed in the particular sculpture that the brand presented. To make it happen, the brand worked hard. inspired by some of his greatest works; important cars of the past such as the Aurelia B20 and Flaminia. More in detail, the car manufacturer says that the front features a reinterpretation of the historic Lancia grille, the calice.

This new chalice, pure, technological and with a unique identity. unique, it will be; present on all three new Lancia cars, making them instantly recognisable, both day and night.

Above the chalice, we find the new Lancia writing and this double signature, chalice-writing, will characterize the collection. the front of all three new Lancia models that will arrive in the next few years. On the rear, the round headlights that recall those of the Stratos stand out and will be used on the new Ypsilon with the new Lancia lettering positioned between the lights. In side view, the new logo stands out. On the roof is the present, however, a circular glass roof that will allow & agrave; to give light to the passenger compartment.

As regards the interior, Lancia Pu+RA Design draws on Italian furniture design. Therefore, they will be refined and, in this regard, the brand has announced a collaboration with Cassina, a well-known Italian company operating in the furniture sector. Luca Napolitano, Lancia CEO, commented:

Today Lancia is reborn with a new Logo and a clear design vision. While waiting for the new Ypsilon, the first car from the new Lancia, we present Lancia Pu+Ra Zero, a sculpture, a three-dimensional manifesto that inspires the cars that will arrive between 2024 and 2028. A work of art in which past and future they are in continuous contact, where elegance is balanced with the radical spirit of the forms. Our Renaissance begins today, with which we want to make the many Lancia enthusiasts around the world dream. Lancia will be back to be a desirable, respected and credible brand in the European premium market. The new Lancia starts today!


The plan for Lancia's relaunch is the beginning. 10 years long and not only through the presentation of new models (the first 3 from 2024 to 2028). From 2028, for example, the brand will sell; electric cars only. The other pillar of this strategy is the sustainability: in the passenger compartment of the new Ypsilon at least 50% of the materials that you can touch will be ecological. Furthermore, the creation of an efficient and innovative distribution model continues rapidly, with 100 new showrooms in Europe and a selection of partners in Italy. Finally, the new system provides for maximum recourse to online sales.

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