EU: No shockingly high snus prices in Sweden


Published 28 November 2022 at 14.28

Media. According to the EU Commission, Aftonbladet's information about plans in Brussels to sharply raise the price of snus is not correct.

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Atonbladet reported on Sunday that the European Commission planned a new excise tax on tobacco.

According to the newspaper, this would mean, among other things, that the price of a can of General loose snus would increase to over SEK 120 .

The news caused a storm in Sweden, and several celebrities went out in the media and raged against the proposal.

But according to the EU Commission, there are no plans to raise the price of Swedish snus, reports TT.

– Sweden has an exception since joining the EU regarding the sale of snus. The proposal that we are working on right now will not change that situation because snus sales are not allowed outside of Sweden, explains Dan Ferrie, spokesman for tax affairs, according to the news agency.

In other words, Sweden will freely set its tax rates and tariffs for snus, according to the EU bureaucrat.