Arabs who ran amok became “outraged Belgians” in SVT


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Published November 28, 2022 at 11:34 a.m.

Media. After Morocco defeated Belgium in the World Cup, the Arabs celebrated the victory by smashing parts of Brussels. But in SVT, the riots are allegedly due to Belgians who are unhappy with the loss, reports Samnytt.

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Morocco unexpectedly won 2-0 in Sunday's match against Belgium, sparking violent riots not only in Brussels but also in Antwerp and Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague.

On the films that are spread in the media, it is clearly visible that it is Arab mobs who are behind the riots, setting fire to cars and attacking the police.

But when SVT discussed the issue, the explanation was completely different. There it was made out that it was all about upset Belgians.

– They are terrible pictures and even if it is not possible to defend it, you can still somehow understand that there is very, very upset in Belgium, based on what the national team has performed. It was a national team that made it all the way to a bronze in the last WC, a national team that many have very high expectations of. Being pissed off and disappointed when things go the way they do in this championship is one thing, but we absolutely do not want to see these pictures, it was said.

At the same time as that analysis was delivered, SVT showed images that clearly depicted Arab mobs in the Belgian capital.

The clip from SVT- the studio has caused a stir on social media.

“Are they blind and deaf on SVT?!” writes one user on Twitter.

“Even if SVT assumes that every person who rides the subway in Belgium is Belgian, they miss that there is not a Belgian flag in sight but only Moroccan”, tweets another.< /p>