“Unreasonable”: The minister on the snus proposal


Published November 27, 2022 at 11:00 a.m.

EU. Finance Minister Elisabeth Svantesson (M) promises that the government will go against the EU's proposal to sharply raise the Swedish snuff price.

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According to the EU Commission's plan, the price of a box of portioned snus will be increased by around SEK 34 and the price of a box of loose snus by around SEK 62.

With the new prices, a box of General snus costs over SEK 120.

Finance Minister Elisabeth Svantesson comments on the news on Twitter and promises to fight the proposal.

“We have not seen the Commission's proposal in its entirety, but the government will of course continue to stand up for the Swedish snus. What is described here is an unreasonable proposal. We will of course oppose these increases,” she writes.