AG200, AG300, AG400 & AG620: Tower cooler between 15 and 65 euros with 3D fins


Deepcool's new AG series tower coolers consist of four models that cover a wide range of different sizes, performance categories and prices. The coolers betray their origin with their fin design in a “chessboard pattern”, which creates a 3D structure.

Simple boxed upgrade

At the lower end of the spectrum is the AG200, which currently costs 14 euros and is an upgrade to boxed coolers from CPU manufacturers. It has two heat pipes and a 92 mm fan, which should be able to handle a TDP of up to 100 watts. The high maximum speed of 3,050 rpm helps to achieve this goal. It is mounted on AM4 and AM5 motherboards using AMD's standard bracket. Intel uses a plastic frame with push pins to which the cooler is attached. Deepcool does not provide a backplate – the cooler only weighs 304 grams.


Deepcool AG200 (Image: Deepcool)

AG300 makes the AG200 obsolete

The AG300 can be purchased for 17 euros and currently makes the AG200 obsolete. The tower cooler, which is only 129 millimeters high, only shares the fan and the fastening materials with the AG200. The three euros extra bring in a third heatpipe, which is also nickel-plated. In addition, the size and number of fins increases, allowing the AG300 to handle a 150 watt TDP.

Deepcool AG300 (Image: Deepcool)

RGB in black in the middle class

For around 33 euros, Deepcool offers the AG400, which remains very flat for a cooler with an ARGB-reinforced 120 mm fan (500 to 2,000 rpm) with a height of only 150 millimeters. The larger diameter of the fan and now four heat pipes with a further increased fin surface increase the TDP limit to 220 watts. Since the cooler is significantly heavier, it is mounted using a screwed bracket with a back plate. In addition, the fan does not have to be dismantled during installation.

Deepcool AG400 (Image: Deepcool)

Spearhead with two towers

The AG620, designed for a TDP of 260 watts, offers the most power reserves, which has two cooling towers and fans that only run between 300 and 1,850 rpm. The cooler also has six heatpipes and, as the only model in the quartet, has a copper base that can be used to distribute the heat from the CPU's heatspreader more evenly. The bracket will also be of even higher quality; the attachment is now done with knurled screws, among other things. The price of the AG620 starts at 55 euros for the silver, non-illuminated version. If the slats are to be black and the fan colored, the model currently costs a good 65 euros.

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Deepcool AG620 (Image: Deepcool)

Deepcool AG200 Deepcool AG300 Deepcool AG400 Deepcool AG620 Design: Tower Size (L × W × H): 40 × 94 × 133 mm (without fan)
66 × 94 × 133 mm (with fan) 44 × 99 × 129 mm (without fan)
72 × 99 × 129 mm (with fan) 45 × 125 × 150 mm (without fan)
72 × 125 × 150mm (with fan) 110×129×157mm (without fan)
136×129×157mm (with fan) Weight: 304g (without fan) 350g (without fan) 614g (without fan) 1,300 g (without fan) Heatpipes: Copper, 2 × 6 mm (Ø)
Direct Touch/Contact copper (nickel-plated), 3 × 6 mm (Ø)
Direct Touch/Contact copper (coated), 4 × 6 mm (Ø)
Direct Touch/Contact copper (nickel-plated), 6 × 6 mm (Ø)
Copper base (nickel-plated) Fins: aluminum, 36 pieces
Spacing: ? aluminum, 40 pieces
distance: ? Aluminum (nickel plated)? (coated), 51 pieces
distance: ? Aluminum (nickel-plated)?, 50 pieces
distance: ? Radiator Mounting: Two-Stage Bracket
AMD: Retention Module Two-Stage Bracket with Back Plate
AMD: Retention Module Fan (Model 1): 1 × 92 × 92 × 25.0mm
Hydraulic Bearing
500 – 3,050 rpm
62.1 m³/h
2.9 mm H₂O
30.5 dBA
4-pin PWM 1 × 120 × 120 × 25.0 mm
Hydraulic bearing
500 – 2,000 rpm
128.3 m³/h
2.5 mm H₂O
31.6 dBA
4-pin PWM 2 × 120 × 120 × 25.0 mm
Hydraulic bearing
300 – 1,850 rpm
114.6 m³/h
2.0 mm H₂O
29.4 dBA
4-pin PWM Fan (Model 2): ​​- Fan Mounting: Attachment: Wire bracket
Decoupling: None Attachment: Wire bracket
Decoupling: Fan frame Compatibility: AMD: Socket AM4
Intel: LGA 1700/LGA 1200/115x AMD: Socket AM4
Intel: LGA 2066/2011/1700/LGA 1200/115x Price: from €14 from €17 from €33 from €55