The Russian couple suspected of espionage


Published 26 November 2022 at 08.08

Domestic. The Russian businessman Sergey Skvortsov, 59, has been detained on suspicion of espionage. His wife Elena Koulkova, 58, is suspected of aiding and abetting.

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The couple was arrested on Tuesday in connection with a dramatic helicopter raid on their home in Saltsjö-Boo. The operation has been named “Operation Spjut”.

Their villa is valued at approximately SEK 11.4 million.

Sergey Skvortsov was arrested on Friday on suspicion of gross illegal intelligence activities against Sweden and a foreign power during the period January 2013 to November 2022.

According to the prosecutor, he has connections to the Russian military intelligence service GRU. Säpo suspects that during the current period he has spied for Russia and the Russian arms industry.

Skvortsov's wife, Elena Koulkova, was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of aiding and abetting gross illegal intelligence activities against Sweden and against a foreign power. She has been released, but the suspicions against her remain.

The married Russian couple had two companies in import and export operations with a turnover of several tens of millions per year, writes Aftonbladet.

< p>The duo got married in Russia in the mid-90s. They moved to Sweden together a few years later and are now Swedish citizens.