Stellantis looks to India to produce electric cars


Stellantis is investing heavily in its electrification plan and several new 100% electric models will be launched in the coming years. However, Tavares, number one in the automotive group, has more times he raised the alarm about the cost of electric cars, emphasizing that truly affordable models wouldn't arrive before 5-6 years.

And Tavares is the one who is the first to arrive. returned to talk about the costs of electric cars during a round table with journalists which was held; carried out in India. Apparently, Stellantis is considering the possibility. to get to produce electric cars in low-cost markets such as India.


Apparently, the next year will be the same. important to understand the real potential of this market. Tavares, in fact, highlighted that India, thanks to its suppliers, will have to be able to meet the quality objectives; and company costs by the end of 2023. thus, the doors for the export of vehicles to other markets can be opened.

We remind you that the Group already owns two assembly plants in India (one for Citroen and one for Jeep) and one joint venture engine plant with local partners. Also, just recently Stellantis announced plans for a software development center in India.

So far, Europe hasn't been around. been able to produce electric vehicles at affordable prices. Then the great opportunity is for India, it would be to be able to sell compact electric cars at an affordable price, while protecting profitability.

Apparently, Stellantis is seriously considering the opportunity to sell it. to build electric vehicles in India for potential export to Europe to take advantage of lower production costs. However, nothing has yet been decided. In short, the country is been placed under observation to understand its potential. It will be therefore very interesting to understand what will happen. Among the reasons that would be pushing Stellantis to evaluate the production of electric cars, at least of compact models, in low-cost countries, there could also be the "pressure" created by the arrival of many Chinese manufacturers in the car market of the Old Continent. Brands that, in some cases, aim to launch electric models at competitive prices.

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