Porsche Cayenne: first generation restomods to celebrate 20 years of the SUV


The first generation Porsche Cayenne made its debut 20 years ago. A model that introduced Porsche into a new market segment in 2002. Over the years, the Cayenne & egrave; It was a great success for the car manufacturer, becoming one of its most cars; sold overall.

During 2022, Porsche wanted to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Cayenne in different ways. Now, from the Middle East and precisely from the Porsche Middle East and Africa branch FZE comes a special initiative designed precisely to celebrate the successes of this SUV.

In fact, the branch wanted to "challenge" to the two main importers based in the United Arab Emirates. The object of the challenge was to customize a fleet of first-generation Cayenne SUVs to enhance the off-road side of these models. A series of customized vehicles have therefore been created which will be exhibited on November 26 and 27 in the Dubai Design District on the occasion of the second edition of the Icons of Porsche Festival.

Cars that will not only remain parked to be admired by visitors. In fact, they will be used to take some participants on an off-road route. In addition, it seems, there would already be; many collectors ready to buy these unique models built on the basis of the first generation of the Cayenne.

UNIQUE MODELS < img src="/wp-content/uploads/3754d76285903e31408985c9c11868fe.jpg" />

All the models used have been completely restored. The job isn't; it was easy. First of all it is It was necessary to find some first generation Cayennes still in good condition. Once you've found the right cars, it's time to get started. the modification work has begun which involved the set-up (raised from the ground), the implementation of additional protections, the use of specific off-road tires and more. Furthermore, the SUVs have been enhanced with specific accessories dedicated to the off-road world. Furthermore, each car has a unique livery.

There is a unique livery. The task of regenerating the first generation Cayenne has been entrusted to highlight its capabilities; offroad through accessories and modifications, where necessary, using some of the accessories recently made available by Porsche Classic.

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