Pehrson: Haven't apologized to SD at all


Published 26 November 2022 at 09.41

Domestic. Liberal party leader Johan Pehrson denies in “Studio Ett” that he would have apologized to the Sweden Democrats for his language.

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It was last Sunday that Expressen reported that Johan Pehrson had called the SD “a brown scumbag” at an internal party meeting and said that he had removed “a lot of sick things” about immigration from the Tidö agreement.


After the publication, SD's party secretary Mattias Bäckström Johansson stated that L had apologized to SD for the way he expressed himself.

“The liberals have given an explanation and apologized at several different levels in the party”, Bäckström Johansson wrote to Expressen.

L leader Johan Pehrson says, however, that he did not apologize to the cooperation party.

– I did not ask for an apology, I have regretted and said that this picture will be completely extreme, he says to Studio Ett.

– I have regretted that this will not be good, I have spoken to Jimmie Åkesson, we have said that “it here it will be like this”, he continues.

What Expressen reported on is “cut out of context”, according to Johan Pehrson.

– I said a lot t before and a lot after. You pull out all these quotes and say that this is what I said, just as if it was the only thing I said, says the L leader to Studio Ett.