Tesla, the new Full Self Driving (Beta) available to everyone in North America


Tesla is continuing the development of the new Full Self Driving (FSD) which will allow to its electric cars to have functionalities; advanced assisted driving. We have talked about this new platform several times and we have seen how, progressively, the car manufacturer has widened the audience of electric car owners authorized to test this new solution.

Initially, Tesla had relied on a small group of owners to test the FSD on the roads. Group which then progressively ` been enlarged. In recent months, the manufacturer had allowed customers with a high Safety Score to access the test program.

Now, Elon Musk, through his profile on Twitter, has made it known that the new Full Self Driving (still in beta of course) is available. available to all North American customers. To be able to have it, customers must obviously have paid for the "Full Self Driving" when buying the car (a package that costs 15,000 dollars in America today). Furthermore, they will have to request it through a specific option present within the car's infotainment system. Once you've downloaded the update that activates the new features, you'll need to download the update. FSD, customers will be able to experience them.


Over the months, Tesla has released several updates to the new FSD (Beta). According to those who are trying them, some have improved the functionality of the software. driving the car, others took steps backwards. It is said that an important step forward should come with version 11. According to the users of this platform, the work to be done is; however, still a lot to be able to get it out of the Beta phase.

The enlargement of the audience of users will be; especially important for Tesla. In fact, it will be able to count on many more; cars equipped with the new platform. This means more; data that can be used to accelerate its development and make the new FSD more user-friendly. precise and reliable in driving.

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