Study confirms: Enemy bullet killed Karl XII


Published 25 November 2022 at 18.19

Foreign. Researchers in Finland now claim to be able to prove that the Swedish warrior king Karl XII was killed by an enemy bullet.

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The shooting death of Charles XII during the siege of Fredriksten Fortress in Norway on November 30, 1718 has been a national trauma for over 300 years.

Innumerable theories about the death have been put forward. However, the question of who shot the legendary hero king – whether it was the enemy or one of his own – has never really been answered.

But now researchers at the University of Oulu in Finland claim to have solved the mystery.

The researchers have test-fired different types of ammunition and concluded that Charles XII must have been killed by an iron ball with a diameter of over 20 millimeters. Considering the bullet hole, the bullet should have had a speed of about 200 meters per second.

According to the researchers, this proves that the killing bullet was fired from 200 meters away, from the enemy's fortress – and therefore not by one of his own soldiers.

Karl XII's grave in the Riddarholm church in Stockholm was opened in 1917, and then the corpse was X-rayed.