Stellantis reorganizes the dealer network in Europe


Stellantis is pursuing a plan to reorganize its dealer network in Europe that had started earlier? from a year ago. The Group led by Carlos Tavares has provided some more information? about this transformation process. According to what has been said, the new structure? from July 2023 and precisely?from Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.


The Group highlights that environmental and regulatory changes are influencing the sector's distribution model, leading the range of different brands towards electrification. As announced during the Stellantis EV Day in July 2021, all Stellantis brands aim to achieve 100% of the European passenger car sales mix with battery electric vehicles (BEVs) by the end of 2030. Starting in 2025, the company lancer? exclusively 100% electric models for the luxury and premium segments to then extend the offer to the entire range. ? It is important to note that, starting from 2026, only BEV cars will be launched in Europe.

Stellantis' goal? drive this change, allowing your network to adapt early enough in an increasingly? competitive with new players.

So, Stellantis punter? on what? known as the “agency model” in which the car manufacturers will also take charge of the negotiation with customers, contracts and the financial part. Dealerships, on the other hand, will mainly deal with delivery and assistance. In practice, will they become a sort of intermediary between the brand? the customer.

Stellatis isn't it? certainly the first automotive Group to review its distribution network. This transformation will lead advantages both for customers and for the dealerships themselves according to Uwe Hochgeschurtz, Chief Operating Officer of Stellantis.

Stellantis' vision? promote a sustainable distribution model and all stakeholders will benefit from these changes which will be focused on the customer experience. Customers will benefit from a multi-brand and multi-channel approach with a wider range. wide range of services. Will dealerships have a new and efficient business model designed to leverage Stellantis' portfolio of 14 brands, create synergies, optimize distribution costs and offer additional mobility solutions? sustainable. Our partners play an important role by representing our brands in the field.

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