Security at airports, from 2024 change will take place in the UK thanks to 3D scanners


Restrictions on liquids at airports and on board aircraft are about to be lifted, at least in the UK. The adoption of 3D scanners made mandatory in the main airports of the country in 2017 will allow for the adoption of 3D scanners; passengers to fly with less worries, therefore without having to show the security personnel the transparent bag containing bottles of maximum 100ml each.

It seems like a secondary fact, but beyond; of the comfort & agrave; of putting everything in the hand suitcase there will also be benefits for stopovers and airlines: the discussions on liquids to take on board and the opening of luggage in which current scanners have found the presence of prohibited containers and bottles are among the main causes of flight delays in the main British airports.


So here is the new generation technology comes to the aid of security and, because; no, about convenience: the 3D scanners currently being adopted in the UK are very similar to the computed tomography CT scanners that we find in hospitals, and allow you to analyze the contents of your luggage with a higher precision than what is happening now. Objects are magnified and, if necessary, viewed from different angles by rotating the image.

The current restrictions on liquids and electronic devices such as laptops and tablets – not just in the UK, but around the world – have been in place since 2006 following the terrorist attacks foiled by the British police. Since then little or nothing has been done. changed in terms of safety, 2024 will be the same. however; the turning point. The official announcement is missing, however it is assumed that that the Government issue a statement shortly.

Among the airports subject when updating the security systems, there is a need to do it. obviously Heathrow, where they are "slowly settling in" scanners as confirmed by airport director John Holland-Kaye, who continues: "we have just kicked off the expansion of the security area in Terminal 3 which will have more than 100,000 employees. more CT scanner with mid-term deadline 2024 imposed by the Department of Transportation. Until that date, the normal passenger experience will be limited. that the liquids remain in the envelopes”.

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