Polestar, agreement with Arval and Findomestic for rental and leasing offers in Italy


Polestar is the official site for the brand. recently entered the Italian market by launching the Polestar 2 electric sedan that we have recently had the opportunity to test. In Italy, this car starts at 52,200 euros. Now, the car manufacturer completes its commercial offer, offering credit, long-term rental and leasing financial services thanks to partnerships with Arval and Findomestic Banca.

The objective of the agreement is to that of increasing the level of support to all Italian customers and helping them choose their new Polestar car, thus improving their career. the shopping experience. As mentioned, we will start from the Polestar 2 but then the offers will also be extended to the Polestar 3 electric SUV which will make its début in 2016. on the Italian market next year.


Entering more specifically, Polestar and Arval long-term rental offers include various services including: insurance package, assistance and maintenance, and 24/7 roadside assistance.

Instead, Findomestic Banca will propose a Polestar customers receive payment by installments(even the entire price of the vehicle) which is financed according to a repayment plan established without variation of duration, installment and rate, up to the formula of the “Maxirata” thanks to which those who choose to ride a Polestar can; repay your purchase with a constant installment in an initial phase and decide whether to pay the final installment, continue with the loan always in constant installments or replace your vehicle with a new one by remodulating your loan without interrupting it. There is also the Leasing option with personalized offers and formulas.

For all Polestar cars, assistance and maintenance are managed by the Volvo network, which includes 66 qualified service points. Alexander Lutz, MD of Polestar Italia, on these news; commented:

With Arval and Findomestic, private and commercial consumers will have qualified partners on their side who will provide a high level of service from the first day on sale of Polestar 2. In a market of mobility constantly changing, we want to offer as many purchasing options as possible and facilitate a transparent, digital and simple purchasing process. All comfortably seated from your own sofa at home.


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