Polack taunts American soldiers: “Are you here to spread sodomy?”


Published 25 November 2022 at 10.01

Foreign. A comical clip of American soldiers in a shopping center in Poland is widely shared on social media.

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In the video, the American soldiers are confronted by a Polish man who speaks to them in American English.

– Are you here to spread sodomy? Isn't it America's number one export? asks the man.

The soldiers laugh and move on, but the man follows and continues to heckle them.

– Or what is it? Is it George Floyd culture or sodomy? he asks.

The man also wants to know what the soldiers think about their health minister “being a fucking tranny”. The politician referred to is Rachel Levine.

The soldiers move on and ignore the man, who however continues to ask them questions.

– How does it feel to live in a country where pointless to be a citizen. Every Mexican who manages to cross the border is literally one of you.

– Are you here to spread anal sex to Poland? Isn't that what you learn during your training?

The man then remarks that several of the soldiers are non-white.

– Keep Poland white. Stay away from the white women. Miscegenation used to be a crime in your country.

Now one of the soldiers starts showing signs of anger, and one of his comrades has to keep him calm.

– You are in a white country now, we don't worship Negroes and Mexicans, says the man, and before the soldiers have disappeared, he concludes:

– You are not welcome here.