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Johan Pehrson's dismissal after the words about SD


Published 25 November 2022 at 14.43

Domestic. It was a long and rather convoluted explanation when the Liberals' party leader Johan Pehrson had to explain his assessment of the cooperation party SD as “a brown mess”.

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In Friday's program of SVT Morgonstudion, the liberal squirmed when he was asked whether he stood by the statement. According to him, he was only talking about what SD was when the party was formed.

– This has been hard-boiled, and I used an expression about SD when they were formed. After all, they themselves have written a white paper about this problematic history, and that is probably what has been snatched away, says Pehrson and adds:

– You snatch a few quotes from a long meeting.

< p>When the presenter Karin Magnusson wonders if it was wise for the liberal to express himself as he did, Pehrson states that he has received harsh criticism – or “constructive feedback” as he himself calls it – after the statement.

– I have received constructive feedback that it would not be. But I am careful to say things as they are.

– We are formed for completely different reasons, the Liberals and the Sweden Democrats. That does not prevent us from being able to collaborate on important issues for Sweden, to support all those community builders who are worried about crime, school or queues in care.