Enel X Way, maxi hub for recharging at Mediaset headquarters


Federico Caleno, head of Enel X Way Italia, states that to reduce the environmental impact of transport it is everyone needs to be involved, starting with the country's large companies. From this assumption , it is an agreement was born between Enel X Way and Mediaset. In detail, the company that deals with providing solutions for mobility is sustainable will go to build a large hub for recharging battery-powered vehicles at the Mediaset headquarters in Cologno Monzese.


According to what has been said, Enel X Way will go; to install as many as 210 charging points. The interesting thing is; that different types of columns will be used. In fact, there will be both JuiceBoxes, for recharging in alternating current up to 22 kW, and JuicePumps, fast stations with a power of up to 60 kW.

Furthermore, for this large hub for recharging electric vehicles, Enel X Way will go; to use the Load Optimization system. Specifically, it is a software that allows you to intelligently manage the top-ups provided by such a large number. infrastructure, avoiding network overload conditions.

The hub that will be made at the Mediaset headquarters in Cologno Monzese & egrave; It was designed to be expanded in the future if needed. All in a very easy and fast way. As Federico Caleno recounts, this collaboration will allow the to Mediaset to accelerate the electrification process of its fleet.

Therefore, Enel X Way emphasizes the importance of collaboration with large Italian companies in order to accelerate the electrification process of the world of transport in our country.

The collaboration with Mediaset fully respects this strategy because; Thanks to our advanced solutions for electric vehicle charging, we enable a world-class partner to accelerate the electrification process of the fleet, reinforcing our commitment to the growth of mobility in the world. sustainable throughout the country.

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