Abarth 500e, will more versions arrive in the future? performers


Abarth 500e is the new model. the small new sports car from the Scorpio house. Model that is was presented, as we know, a few days ago. Apparently, the automaker is working on even more variants. performing that will be proposed in the future. News that comes directly from Olivier François, CEO of Fiat and Abarth.

According to what has been reported, Abarth will follow the a path similar to the one undertaken with the endothermic 500 which is; proposed in the 595 and 695 variants.

Everyone is already ready; working to make this car even more; fast, even more; sporty, even more; noisy.

We recall that the new Abarth 500e has an electric motor that can deliver 114 kW – 155 HP with 235 Nm of maximum torque. The speed maximum is electronically limited to 155 km/h, while it takes 7 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km/h. However, the Abarth engineers have hinted that this power is much more. close to the limits of the current powertrain which derives strictly from that of the “classic” electric 500. This means that future variants that are more popular. performing machines may have a different motor or different batteries. There will be however way to find out over time.


Abarth will go beyond the 500e alone in the future. Olivier François underlined that new models will arrive as the Fiat range grows. in the future. The Italian marque is working on 10 cars, 5 of which will arrive in the next 5 years. However, the brand's number one highlighted that not all future Fiat models will have an Abarth counterpart. We will evaluate the case by case.

All these models could have a potential Abarth version, but it wouldn't make sense to make one for everyone. We will evaluate every single model in the future and see if we can transform it into an Abarth model.

So, it seems that Abarth will bring a new model. debuting several new models over the next few years, obviously also electric given the future of the Stellantis Group. All that remains is to wait for more information.

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