Was going to rape – was bitten on the arm


Published 24 November 2022 at 14.48

Domestic. An Afghan who claims to be 21 years old is charged with a brutal attempted rape in Malmö. The woman managed to stop the rape by biting the attacker on the arm.

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The victim is a woman who, on Good Friday, April 15, was attacked on a bike lane at Lorensborgsgatan in Malmö, which Skånska Dagbladet has reported on.

According to the indictment, the Afghan threw the woman to the ground for to then grab her feet and drag her away from the bike lane.

When the woman was lying on her back on the ground and he was over her, he pulled down her pants, according to the prosecutor. He then allegedly dragged her away by her feet again.

“He then put his knee on her neck/chest and said he had a gun and that he was going to shoot and/or kill her or similar statement . Then he put his hand inside NN 1's pants while trying to hold her down with the other hand,” the indictment states.

According to the prosecutor, the Afghan's fingers were inside the woman's panties, but ” he did not have time to insert his fingers into her vagina because she bit him on the arm”.

The violence caused the victim pain, swelling, injury and bruising.

“Danger of the completion of the crime has existed or was excluded only due to temporary circumstances,” the indictment states.

The 21-year-old is also accused of robbing the woman of her iPhone 13 in connection with the attempted rape.

The Afghan has awarded Swedish citizenship and therefore cannot be deported under current legislation.