Germany lost to Japan after PK coup


Published 24 November 2022 at 06.22

Foreign. The German national football team kept their hands to their mouths in a politically correct coup ahead of the World Cup match against Japan. Then they lost the match – which has given rise to schadenfreude.

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It was before Wednesday's match in Qatar that the German players chose to keep their mouths shut when the match photo of the team was taken.

This was done as a protest against Fifa banning the participating teams to wear LGBTQ armbands during the matches.

The match itself was a real fiasco for Germany, who lost 2–1. And on social media, many supporters think the team has itself to blame, reports the Daily Mail.

“Germany deserved this because they are so obsessed with rainbow bracelets and politics,” writes one user.

Others also point out that those who engage in “goodwill signaling” and politics during a sporting event and politics have themselves to blame when things go badly for them.